Wednesday, 16 June 2021

Senior Dev Ops Engineer

Senior Dev Ops Engineer Fortune 100 Leading Company Years T865

Job Location: Dubai, UAE

Employer: Abinav Munshi

Job Type: Full Time

Required Skills

  • 5 + Of Dev Ops experience
  • 2 + Years of experience in managing AWS resources.
  • 1 + Years of experience in managing AWS resources using Terraform.
  • 1 + Years of experience in writing Helm charts for application configuration and Deployment in Kubernetes
  • 2 + Years of experience in managing microservices on Kubernetes in production.
  • Good understanding of AWS IAM and VPC
  • Experience in running stateful sets in Kubernetes.
  • Good understanding of CI/CD practices
  • Experience in managing Kafka, Redis and ELK.
  • Good knowledge and experience in implementing Infrastructure as a code.
  • Knowledge or prior experience in implementing continuous deployment using tools like.
  • Flux CD or Argo CD

Good to have;

Good knowledge of Git Ops practices

Responsible for;

  • Manage various(development, testing and production) kubernetes environments.
  • Install and manage kubernetes monitoring tools such as Prometheus, Grafana to ensure.
  • High availability and security.
  • Manage stateful applications on Kubernetes.
  • Develop and maintain terraform Scripts to manage EKS and other resources on AWS.
  • Develop and maintain Helm charts for application configuration and deployment on EKS.
  • Implement and ensure compliance of organization’s security policies.
  • Implementation of Git Ops practices for CI/CD.
  • Implementation and periodic testing of organization’s disaster recovery.


Deadline: 14/08/2021

How to Apply:

Interested candidates should send their CVs