Thursday, 28 August 2014

Beautician Jobs at Noura Hamdi Beauty Lounge; Manicurist

Job Title:    Manicurist
Job Location:    Dubai,UAE
Employer:    Noura Hamdi Beauty Lounge
Job Type:    Full Time

Job Description:
Filipina Manicurist, with experience and Filipina Hairdresser, with experience in hair coloring, required for a reputed ladies beauty salon

Attractive salary + accommodation + benefits

Job Duties:
  • Apply undercoat and clear or colored polish onto nails with brush.
  • Attach paper forms to tips of customers' fingers to support and shape artificial nails.
  • Brush powder and solvent onto nails and paper forms to maintain nail appearance and to extend nails, then remove forms and shape and smooth nail edges using rotary abrasive wheel.
  • Clean and sanitize tools and work environment.
  • Clean customers' nails in soapy water, using swabs, files, and orange sticks.
  • Polish nails, using powdered polish and buffer.
  • Treat nails to repair or improve strength and resilience by wrapping, or provide treatment to nail biters.
  • Whiten underside of nails with white paste or pencil.
  • Advise clients on nail care and use of products and colors.
  • Assess the condition of clients' hands, remove dead skin from the hands and massage them.
  • Decorate clients' nails by piercing them or attaching ornaments or designs.

Deadline Date: 20/09/2014

How to Apply:

Please forward your CV to:
Call: 056-7878114