Thursday, 5 June 2014

American University in the Emirates Job Vacancies; Assistant-Guidance and Counseling

Job Title:        Assistant-Guidance and Counseling
Job Location: Dubai, UAE
Department / College / Institute:Guidance and Counseling
Employer:    American University in the Emirates
Number of Vacancies:    01

About AUE:
Where in this fast-moving and rapidly changing world do you want to go? In order to succeed in your chosen professional arena, you need relevant knowledge, confidence, a positive attitude, and the determination to select the best pathway to success.

The American University in the Emirates (AUE) offers you such a pathway to success. Our undergraduate, graduate and professional programs encourage and enable students to become proactive, reflective and critical thinkers. Within the learning communities that AUE creates, students explore their evolving interests, exploit the value of informed curiosity, and become engaged in work with their faculty and peers in systematic processes of self-development and self-actualization.

Our students both develop enhanced understanding of their own cultures and learn to understand alternative cultures and perspectives, in a way that is essential within a world made increasingly small by communications and transport technologies. The American University in the Emirates values its hard-earned reputation for quality, high standards, and pedagogical leadership. The University promotes intercultural understanding and mutual respect, as an essential part of the 21st century environment.

AUE is a dream that has come true, driven by the perseverance and perspicacity of its founders and the members of its Board of Trustees, which is chaired by His Excellency Muhammad Bin Bduwah Al Darmaki. Today AUE is one of the most rapidly developing private universities within the United Arab Emirates, and is committed to expanding the learning and teaching opportunities provided to our students and faculty, because we believe that nothing is impossible.

Job Duties:
  •     Facilitates the smooth flow of the office, guidance activities and counseling schedule
  •     Maintains office effeciency
  •     Develop database and identify cases for counseling and referral
  •     Maintenance and year end processing of student records for all students including current, incoming and transfer students
  •     Prepares standardized documents and materials (e.g. counseling forms, appointment forms, follow-up forms, etc.)
  •     Prepares reports of the guidance activities and minutes of meeting.
  •     Gathers Appropriate data for report and research writing related to the guidance services
  •     Performs specific duties related to the guidance services as assigned (e.g. assisting in trainings and worksops, career placement and alumni tracking, etc.)
  •     Reports to the GCC Director
  •     Establishes linkages to different companies and institutions for career opportunities of the students and workshops for the faculty and staff
  •     Plans and participates in the community events especially related to career development
  •     Plans and implements career program development for students, faculty and staff.
  •     Provides career workshops for students, faculty and staff at lease once every semester
  •     Assist graduating and undergraduating studentsto be placed in one of the leading companies in the region
  •     Facilitate career fairs at least once a year
  •     Collect banks of CV's of all graduates and graduating students
  •     Establish strong relationships with alumni students and develop a tracer program
  •     Complete written reports as requested
  •     Performs related tasks as required

Competencies and Skills Needed:
  •     Exhibits personality and demonstrates enthusiasm to relate well with the university
  •     Excellent interpersonal skills
  •     Must be bilingual (Both Arabic and English)
  •     Maintains office effeciency
  •     Excellent written and oral skills
Salary:        5,000 - 6,000

  •     Health Insurance-
  •     Annual Leave-
  •     Air ticket-

  •     Previous experience in the same or any related field
Essential Qualifications:
  •     Bachelor's related to psychology or counseling
Preferred Qualifications:
  •     Master's degree is an asset

Only short-listed candidates will be contacted. Applicants who do not meet specified requirements will not be shortlisted. No telephone calls please.

Deadline Date: 31/07/2014

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