Monday, 2 June 2014

Abu Dhabi Ports Company Job Vacancy; Accountant Payroll

Job Title    Accountant Payroll
Job Location:    Abu Dhabi, UAE   
Unit:        Finance   
Employer:    Abu Dhabi Ports Company (ADPC)
Accountable to:    Financial Accounting Manager

Responsible for:       
Assisting in managing the accounts payroll of ADPC. Ensure efficiency and timeliness of the day-to-day activities in payroll. Ensure that payroll related accounts are up-to date. Safeguard the financial interests of ADPC.

Job objectives include:
  •     Maintaining the accounts, records, supporting documents and vouchers.
  •     Ensuring transaction instructions are according to guidelines so that they can be processed.
  • Accountant - Payroll is accountable to department Head and leading by Financial Accounting Manager and Vice President Financial Control.
  • He / she will be assigned to work with various staff and will be responsible for maintaining all payroll & accounts payables records.
Primary responsibility:
·        Prepare & Review payroll reports and ensure its accuracy based on the payroll run from HR;
·        Ensure salary sheets are prepared for all departments and approved by the authorized person.
    Process and record all other employees related payment and expenses
    Responsibility for preparation and generation of check  / Payment instruments and coordination with Treasury team for all employees related payment.
    Verfiy the calculation made for Leave, EOSB, Pension, Nafaqa and all other employees related periodic payment
    Maintain archive of the documents relating to all the above responsibilities in a proper condition.

Major responsibility:
    Provide management with the required weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual reports in a timely and consistent manner;
    Responsible for reconciliation of all payroll related accounts  with GL as well as  the payroll costing with the GL
    Reconcilie all loan accounts for employees (employees loan, car loan, housing  loan, salary advances, any other loans etc) at GL level.
·        Checks and confirms personal and company pension contribution for the UAE national employees
·        Verify all payments are effected on time.
·        Coordinate with external auditors and facilitate their work
·        Resolve the day to day issues and bottlenecks related to employees related payment
·        Keep a track of KPI related to Payroll for all ADPC deparatement
·        Help and facilitiate Finanace and HR in matters relating to Tawteen  / Emiratisation
·        Perform such other duties as assigned by the Line Manager
  •     Essential - Bachelor degree in Accounting/Finance
  •     Written and spoken English is a must – Arabic is preferred
  •     4-5 years’ Experience
  •     Payroll Processing and management Experience,
  •     Advance knowledge of Excel; GL Reconciliation, Oracle

Deadline DATE: 11/06/2014

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