Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Abu Dhabi University Job Vacancies; Female Supervisor - Student Housing

Job Title:    Female Supervisor - Student Housing
Job Location:     Abu Dhabi
Job Ref:     815
No. of Posts:     1
Employer:    Abu Dhabi University

About ADU:
Abu Dhabi University is the great university of Abu Dhabi. Our mission is to produce global leaders who understand the challenges of our time & make positive contributions to national & global prosperity. Our mission is not limited to educating students but also to transforming UAE to a vibrant, prosperous & strong nation.

Job Description
•To explain the housing process and facilitate the housing services for ADU students
•Safety & Security Office for coordinating student access
•Exhibits leadership and encourage team work and a positive atmosphere in the dorms
•Adhere, enforce, and effectively implement student housing policy and procedures
•Frequently maintain & report log of rooms’ availability, maintenance and hygiene status
•Update the log of dorm residents contact details and rooms assignments
•Communicate emergency situations in a timely manner
•Assist student in medical emergencies not limited to accompanying them to the university clinic or medical facilities after office hours
•Maintain custody for dormitory keys & do effective key transfer and track keys at all times
•Conduct inspection activities with the assistance of security personnel
•Oversees the job activities of the other staff (cleaners, technicians, guards, etc) to ensure that the facility is maintained safe for students
•Handles parent concerns (verifying permissions) and addressing them appropriately and communicating them to the department
•Maintain daily log on dorm residents’ concerns, complaints and issues
•Monitor cleaners and technicians in solving dorm residents’ problems regarding room maintenance and other facilities
•Communicate transportation requirements for emergencies, weekly trips and international students and accompany them when needed
•Disseminate information and circulate documents to dorm residents as required
•Maintains an active presence and availability for dorm residents
•Establish and maintain open lines of communication with students, staff, and administrators
•Report to the department prior to any absences or time away from the dorm so that supervision can be maintained
•Completes scheduled activities for dorm residents
•Active participant in devising student development programs and extracurricular activities (collaborates with other students in the dorm to see what other dorm residents are interested in doing)
•Maintain dormitory inventory of furniture and supplies and assist students seeking clearance
•Ensure safety of dormitory by regularly checking on students and the kitchen appliances
•Maintain confidentiality of students record
•Coordinate the closing of the dormitory for vacation periods and return by the time the hall opens after vacations
•Other duties as assigned
•log of rooms’ availability, maintenance and hygiene status
 (Frequency: Monthly, Recipient: Officer)
•Log of dorm residents contact details and rooms assignments
(Frequency: Monthly, Recipient: Officer)
•Log of dorm inventory of furniture and supplies per room
(Frequency: Two times per semester, Recipient: Officer)
•Incident Report
(Frequency: As necessary, Recipient: Officer)

Job Requirements:
•Basic Diploma in any discipline
•Experience in accommodation management
•English & Arabic

Deadline Date: 30/05/2014

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