Friday, 16 May 2014

Abu Dhabi Ports Company Job Opportunities; Sr. Manager HSSE

Job Title    Sr. Manager HSSE
Job Location:    Abu Dhabi   
Unit:        Industrial Zones
Employer:    Abu Dhabi Ports Company (ADPC)
Reports to:    Vice President – Business Support

Job Description:
Develop and implement the IZ Unit’s health, safety, security and environment strategy, policies, standards, and management program so as create an integrated KIZ HSSE system and framework - one that protects the environment, the human health and safety of workers, security regulations of KIZAD and the community at large

Job Overview
·        Champion HSSE improvements and new initiatives that help translate ADPC’s sustainability aspirations into reality within Kizad.

    Assist ADPC tenants in complying with all HSSE requirements Build relationships with key regulatory authorities for effective delivery of HSSE performance.
Key Performance Indicators
·        Establish a clear and workable strategy covering all aspects of Kizad Development.

·        Establish a effective and efficient HSSE Team within Kizad.

·        Develop and implement the KIZAD Unit health, safety, security and environment policies, standards, and practices– an integrated system that is in line with both Abu Dhabi EHSMS Framework and international best practices including ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001.

·        Promote a Risk Based HSSE management system within Kizad. 

·        Liaise with external stakeholders to ensure their expectations are captured and deployed within HSSE Program. Monitor and ensure compliance to such requirements stipulated from time to time.

·        Coordinate with the Ports, Projects, and Corporate HS& and Security Departments to ensure that the KIZAD HSSE systems are aligned and integrated within the broader ADPC HSSE framework

·        Ensure Environmental Stewardship is attained through deployment of Environmental Programs  as relevant to Kizad.

·        Ensure relevant HSSE KPI’s are achieved.

·        Ensure timely HSE reviews of applications using both in-house and outsourced resources.

·        Support applicable internal stakeholders with HSSE reviews of submitted plans and proposals

·        Plan, Manage and Supervise environmental and/or safety audits

·        Report and Advise KIZAD Sr. Management on HSSE matters and performance.

·        Report on KIZAD HSSE matters to external government authorities as and when required

·        Responsible for HSSE Department reports and staff appraisals

·        Establish and Deploy a KIZAD wide HSSE Strategy and Program.

·        Attain International Third Party Certification per management requirement.

·        Seek membership of renowned organization with respect to HSSE

·       Ensure and achieve Environmental Stewardship through deployment of appropriate programs within Kizad. 

·    Drive efforts of Sector Regulatory Authority as a long term Strategy and when directed by the Executive Management

Job Requirements:
·        Degree in engineering, science, or related discipline

·        Sound knowledge of HSSE issues in large scale development projects.

·  A Minimum work experience of 15 years in large infrastructure or industrial projects.

       · Equivalent combination of education, training, and experience  will also be considered.

·        Proven HSSE Strategic Planning and Execution  in large projects.

·        Strong knowledge of Security policies that govern large Industrial Complexes and Facilities. Experience with performing due diligence on Industrial Facility Security Plans.

·        Sound knowledge of deploying security- operating and communications technology

·        Excellent communication skills, both written and verbal, with the ability to communicate complex analyses in a clear and meaningful manner in various mediums, such as detailed reports or presentations

·        Strong project management experience

       ·      Ability to deal with unstructured problems that require defensible decisions on complex regulatory matters

Deadline Date: 31/05/2014

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