Monday, 7 April 2014

Banking Jobs in Dubai; Credit Analyst, SME

Job Title:    Credit Analyst, SME
Job Ref.:    JB3031229
Job Location:    Dubai, UAE
Employer:    RAKBANK
Job Role:     Credit Analysis
Job Division:     SME

About Us:
RAKBANK, also known as the National Bank of Ras Al-Khaimah, is one of the fastest growing and most dynamic banks in the UAE. Founded in 1976, the Bank underwent a major transformation in 2001, with a shift in focus from corporate banking to retail and small businesses.

Today, the Bank offers a wide range of personal and business banking services throughout its 34 branches and its portfolio of electronic banking solutions, which include Telephone, Online, and Mobile Banking. It also offers Sharia-compliant personal and business banking services via its Islamic Banking unit, RAKBANK AMAL.

RAKBANK is a public joint stock company, headquartered in the emirate of Ras Al-Khaimah, in the UAE. Its Head Office is situated in the RAKBANK Building on Emirates Road in Ras Al-Khaimah. The Bank is 52.75% owned by the Government of Ras Al-Khaimah and its shares are publicly traded on ADX. The Board of Directors consists of several members of the ruling family of the emirate of Ras-Al Khaimah and businessmen from UAE and Kuwait.
Job Overview
We are looking for experienced candidates to join as Assistant Manager - Marketing Alliance to source strategic alliances and negotiate tie-ups for offers across all RAKBANK programs and products while adhering to internal and external laid down guidelines.

Job Requirements:
• Minimum of 2 years banking experience with sound credit knowledge.

Specialist skills required:
• Knowledge of Anti-Money laundering guidelines.
• Good Analytical skill and Interpersonal skills.
• Strong verbal and written communication skills.

Job Duties:
• Assist Relationship Managers (RMs) in putting up cases for renewal of facilities as per set timelines.
• Accompany RMs on client calls for new acquisitions/renewal of facilities and draft LAs for finalisation within the agreed stipulated timelines.
• Assist RMs in following up with customers for obtaining various documents.
• Keeping updated information of client files so that they reflect the current status and are complete in all respects.
• Assist RMs in tracking MARs and ensure that the same are duly filed.
• Coordinate with support staff for getting CPV checks done for new as well as renewal cases
• Monitor accounts (i.e. cash flows, repayments, account behavior, compliance with covenants stipulated in the terms of approval) and ensure that portfolio is within the acceptable credit & compliance standards.
• Undertake regular review and monitor SME book to ensure that any adverse movements are highlighted and rectified proactively
• Identify & provide upward feedback on potential risk areas and implement the proposed solutions.
• Identify clients with low utilization or over utilization and proactively initiate corrective measures
• Ensure adherence to the laid down policies and procedures for the smooth running of the division
• Identify gaps between the current practices and procedures and make the necessary changes
• Work closely with COPS, CROPS, Credit, and Service Ambassadors as to ensure that credit quality and documentation are maintained in line with bank’s standards.
• Generate In-House MIS reports for better functioning of the unit and obtain relevant reports from Credit/Crops for utilization, Renewals, and Deferrals
• Prepare Excess reports when applicable and ensure excesses are settled within approved timelines.

Deadline Date: 23/05/2014