Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Admin Jobs at Mashreqin Dubai; Head of Strategy

Job Title:    Head of Strategy
Job Location:    Dubai, U.A.E.
Employer:    Mashreq
Job function:     Project Management

About Mashreq:
We are one of UAE's leading financial institutions with a growing retail presence in the region including Egypt, Qatar, Kuwait and Bahrain. We focus on providing our customers access to a wide range of innovative products and services.

Mashreq is invariably among the highest performing banks in the Region. It’s financial performance reflects on its commitment to continue leading the UAE banking industry.

Job Overview:
The Head of Strategy provides guidance, acts as the trusted advisor and offers objective advisory services to the CEO, the Leadership Forum and business/ enabler units. Under their guidance, the Head of Strategy is instrumental in developing the long term strategic direction for the bank providing key inputs to affect structured decision making.
Furthermore the Head of Strategy holds the strategic management responsibility of Investor Relations that integrates strategy and finance to enable a fair and trustworthy two-way communication between the bank and its current and prospective target stakeholders, namely the financial community and other constituencies.

Job Requirements:

  •     7-10 years experience, preferably worked for banks or financial institutions.
  •     Excellent analytical/ problem solving skills and knowledge of functional topics such as Strategy, Operating Model, Organization, Market research, Macroeconomics, M&A/ Corporate Finance, Management Accounting, and Jurisdictional Knowledge in various branch countries,
  •     Excellent inter-personnel, communication, organizational and presentation skills required to interact with and provide intelligence to Leadership Forum for strategic business decision,
  •     Ability to transform data into intelligence with experience in designing management reports,
  •     Multilingual.
  •     Project Mgmt. experience in a top tier Management Consultancy,
  •     Experience in international financial services industry,
  •     Experience in designing and managing large scale organization wide projects,
  •     Experience in working internationally and across multiples markets and regions,
  •     Ivy league MBA preferred.

Job Duties:
The Head of Strategy shall add value to the organization by identifying, documenting and analyzing strategic internal and external topics, deriving proposals for decision making, before implementing and controlling strategic initiatives trough the initiation of specific implementation projects together with the business unit management, to be responsible for the service, process and/or structure management to further increase the companies effectiveness and efficiency.

The strategy process consists out of five sub processes:
1. Analysis

  • Establishment of inputs for strategic decision making through environment analysis
  • Recognition of market innovations and implications for Mashreq,
  • Identification of key levers concerning market insights,
  • Identification of potential internal efficiency gains,
  • Identification of domestic and international expansion opportunities,

2. Thought leadership,
  • Identifying best practices across industries,
  • Providing functional expertise.

3. Proposals
  • Definition of bank-wide and unit strategy jointly with all stakeholders,
  • Definition of strategic projects incl. milestones, project organization, resource allocation and risks involved,
  • Elaboration of suggestions for internal improvements.

4. Decision making
  • Elaboration of decision making basis,
  • Review the strategic / annual plan and review documents submitted by business units, challenge wherever necessary and provide feedback / recommendations to BU Head,
  • Implementation
  • Ownership of select strategic bank-wide projects,
  • Implementation support for business & enabler units in strategic projects,
  • Monitoring
  • Review and if necessary adaptation of bank-wide and business unit strategies,
  • Identification of opportunities for improvement of profitability.
  • Develop Strategic Agenda & establish a monitoring process for the achievement of such agenda e.g. Balanced Scorecard,
  • Publication of dashboard to monitor strategic direction.

5. Investor Relations
  • Establish press release on financial performance,
  • Preparation of presentation for rating agencies,
  • Preparation of presentation for investor community,
  • Management of the investor relation webpage

Deadline Date: 30/04/2014