Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Government Relations Executive Job Vacancy at Nakheel Properties

Job Title:    Government Relations Executive
Job Ref.:    NKL/FH/HR/2014/003
Job Location:    Dubai, UAE
Employer:    Nakheel Properties
Job Type:    Permanent
Eligibility:    Any

About Us
Nakheel is one of the world’s largest real estate developers. Driven by the desire to become an influential part of realising Dubai’s vision for the 21st century − creating a world-class destination for living, business and tourism, Nakheel has built up an iconic portfolio of innovative landmark projects.
With a host of world-renowned projects that span a range of sectors – residential, commercial, retail and leisure, Nakheel developments form an integral part of Dubai’s landscape, creating a legacy built on thought leadership and pioneering innovation that will inspire generations to come.

Job Description:

  •     Provide prompt legal advice on any queries – internal or from BUs to avoid delays in obtaining such information.
  •     To represent the company at the Rent Committee and Dubai Courts
  •     Be a part of an internal team handle defaulter cases without having to seek legal assistance externally and hence save costs.

Job Requirements:
  • Bachelor’s degree in Law
  • Bilingual proficiency – a must (English/Arabic)
  • Legal expertise within the UAE
  • Work experience in the relevant area (with government bodies)
  • Proficiency in MS Office 2010

Job Duties:

  •     Provide Prompt legal advice on any queries – internal or from BUs
  •     Input on procedures with external Government bodies
  •     Attend bounced cheque court hearings with the commercial department
  •     Prepare MOU with government
  •     Co-ordinate with internal legal department as required

Expired Contracts case/Service Charge defaulter cases/Multiple bounced cheque cases:
  •     Attend Rent Committee and main Court hearings
  •     Draft legal notices for defaulter cases
  •     Co-ordinate with team on details of defaulter cases
  •     Provide feedback and updates to BUs

Power of Attorneys:
  •     Ensure the POAs are verified and accurate prior the execution
  •     Attending the execution of POAs at the notary public with authorised signatories
  •     Obtaining the original executed POAs from the notary public and hand them over to the legal department.

Key Success Factors

  •     Timely completion of all tasks assigned
  •     Coordination with Compliance and BU Heads

Job Context & Complexity
  •     Work closely with the team and section head to complete assigned tasks.
  •     Understand the work flow and all related processes within the department and external government bodies.
  •     Maintain a rapport with the government bodies to enable co-ordination and accomplishment of assigned tasks

Boundaries & Decision Making Authority
  • Provide legal advice and support to the department in the interpretation and implementation of corporate polices & procedures.

Deadline Date: 27/03/2014