Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Dispatcher Job Opportunity at Etihad Airways

Job Title:    Dispatcher
Job Location:    Abu Dhabi
Employer:    Etihad Airways
Department:    Airport Operations

About Us
Etihad Airways, the national airline of the United Arab Emirates, has in just ten years established itself as the world’s leading airline. “Etihad” is the Arabic word for “union”.
Set up by Royal (Amiri) Decree in July 2003, Etihad commenced commercial operations in November, 2003, and has gone on to become the fastest growing airline in the history of commercial aviation.

Job Description:
To manage the turnaround of Etihad flights in co-ordination with various stakeholders, government departments and service providers; ensuring regulatory and company standards are upheld with the ultimate target of delivering; operational excellence, expediting a safe flight departure, ensuring positive OTP, and providing exceptional customer service.
To produce legal weight & balance and other accountable aircraft documentation as required.

Job Requirements:
Qualification & Education:

  •     Educated to secondary school level – preferably with Maths and/or a Science qualification

  •     Minimum 5 years experience in a similar position (load control/dispatch) working at a major international airport.

Training & Knowledge:
  •     Strong focus on safety
  •     Strong leadership skills
  •     Training in Dangerous Goods, aircraft weight and balance, ramp and passenger handling
  •     Computer literate and fluent in English language
  •     Ability to work as part of a team         
  •     Loadcontrol capability on various aircraft types
  •     Qualifications in leadership / coaching skills would be advantageous

Job Duties:
  •     Prepare turnaround duties to the standards outlined within departmental procedures; being aware of aircraft details, schedule, expected guest loads, baggage and cargo loads and any published operational requirements including special handling, special loads etc.
  •     Brief all stakeholders involved in the flight arrival and departure (gate staff, crew, ramp staff etc) and establish any operational shortfalls, organising immediate remedial solutions within acceptable standards so that an on time departure can be achieved whilst continually delivering exceptional service.
  •     Manage the flight departure process, by leading EY and 3rd party agent teams with a positive ‘can do’ attitude that inspires those around them whilst pre-empting and reacting to any anticipated issues or delays and subsequently cascading information to all staff so that guests and operational departments are kept informed of any changes to the scheduled time of departure.
  •     Accountable for key operational and last minute changes that affect the turnaround, such as the offloading of cargo, guests and/or their baggage to ensure that the Etihad flight schedule (OTP) is maintained, whilst at the same time ensuring excellent 2-way communication with loadplanning in order that the Loading Instruction Report (LIR) and final Loadsheet are 100% accurate and delivered in a timely manner.
  •     Ensure that the hub control centre is informed of any changes to the critical path of the flight departure. This enables the Network Operations Centre (NOC) to streamline operational changes through effective tactical decision making.
  •     Identify and recommend improvements to procedures and/or standards of safety and security to EY operations management through ongoing relationships with aircraft handling companies, such as fuelling companies, ADAS and flight catering.
  •     Allocate delay codes and timings for any off schedule departures in collaboration with flight deck and Terminal Operations Managers. This is done by fully investigating on time schedule failures so that accurate trends can be assessed for future service level improvements.
  •     Report turnaround events post departure in a professional and thorough manner, reaching balanced conclusions on accountability for delays and lapses in operational performance. Ensure that the flight destination city is informed quickly of the flight departure and any failings to EY process during the turnaround (e.g. missing bags etc).
  •     Accountable for loadplanning various a/c types in accordance with current company (and other airlines) weight and balance rules and guidelines; from flight creation and estimating zero fuel weights, to the production of the final Loadsheet and other necessary a/c documentation.
  •     Responsible and accountable for identifying safety risks on and around the aircraft in accordance with the company risk assessment process, and ensuring that adequate risk mitigation steps are appropriately implemented in order to maintain safety within the workplace.

Deadline Date: 06/05/2014