Friday, 3 January 2014

Phlebotomist Job Opportunity in Dubai

Job Title:    Phlebotomist
Job Location:    Dubai
Company/Employer: Star Metropolis Clinical Laboratories
About Us
Star Metropolis is a locally registered company in UAE with. SMCL is the part of Arabian Healthcare LLC. STAR Metropolis aims at providing most reliable and accurate laboratory services coupled with latest technology and knowledge including logistics management. The objective is always uncompromised quality and value to benefit physician community to assist in their day to day clinical decisions. STAR Metropolis is committed to professionalism, ethics, quality and accuracy.
Star Metropolis after establishing itself in UAE is poised to spread its services and activities to other GCC and rest of the Arabia. STAR Metropolis has wide range of tests covering most of the medical disciplines for advanced diagnostic and pathological services.

Job Requirements:
• Bsc Nursing or Diploma in Medical Technology with DHA License.

Job Duties:
• Draws blood from patients in the sample collection room.
• Assembles equipment, such as tourniquet, needles, disposable containers for needles, blood collection devices, gauze, cotton, according to requirements for specified tests or procedure
• Verifies or records identity of patient, collect vital signs or medical history on the trf and converses with patient to allay fear of procedure.
• Applies tourniquet to arm, locates accessible vein, swabs puncture area with antiseptic, and inserts needle into vein to draw blood into collection tube.
• Withdraws needle , applies treatment to puncture site, and labels and stores collection tube for subsequent processing.
• Ensure required information is on the Test requisition form and check the integrity of sample.
• Perform accession under the supervision of Accession Officer and follow the SOP’s and lab sample rejection policy.
• Performs packing of samples to be sent to outsourced labs.
• Receiving samples                                              
• Checking the Sample acceptance and rejection: checking the sample integrity, demographic details, history, supporting documents attached to the TRF
• In case of rejecting a sample, informing the Pathologist and ultimately to the concerned person with entry in the rejection register.
• Making the TRFs for the Referral Labs, checking the TRFs for test codes and assisting in the packing of the samples/ supervise that this work is done properly and on time
• Forwarding the TRF for the registration.
• Supervising the checking of the registration by the Customer Care Executives.

Deadline Date: 13/01/2014

How to Apply:
If you are interested please forward your resume to: