Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Lead Air Diver Job Vacancy in Abu Dhabi

Job Title: Lead Air Diver
Job Location: Abu Dhabi
Company/Employer: NPCC
Job Type: Full Time
Job Ref.: 2909
About Us
The National Petroleum Construction Company (NPCC), a Public Joint Stock company, was established in April 1973. The fabrication facilities then were located on Sadiyat Island, 3 km east of Abu Dhabi city. The present facilities are now located at Mussafah, 35 km from Abu Dhabi city.

Job Requirements:
• High school certificate.
• 5 years’ experience in offshore oil field construction/inspection.
• Completion of diver training module of IMCA recognized surface supplied diver qualification.
• Current & valid HSE Part 1 or equivalent.
• Current & valid medical certificate.
• Current & valid survival certificate for geographical area of work.
• Current & valid first aid certificate or diver medic training certificate.
• Current & valid certificate for appropriate level. (Inspection work only).
• Good English language skills.
• The ability to work in dark waters.
• Working knowledge of operating diving equipment.
• Knowledgeable of IMCA international Codes of Practice and work standards.
• Stamped and signed dive log book.

Job Duties:
• Manages the dive station while the supervisor is running the dive, inspects rigging, in charge of equipment and tools, he carries out a similar roll to the deck foreman but acts for the dive team.
• He will normally have more experience than other team members
• Develop a working knowledge of the diving functions and operations of a decompression chamber.
• Ensure that the required diving and survival equipment is in good and safe operating condition.

Deadline Date: 28/01/2014

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