Monday, 30 December 2013

Tool Technician / Motor Rewinding Mechanic Needed at Water Seal

Job Title:    Tool Technician / Motor Rewinding Mechanic
Job Location:    Dubai
Company/Employer: Water Seal
About Us
Water Seal was established in early 90’s as the construction group through which Water Seal has access to the latest development in the industry with the support of advance computerized design and state of art engineering facilities ensuring commercial and technical approach to all the project.  The Sharjah branch was then established in 1998 while Dubai branch was established in 2000 and within one decade Water Seal stands as one of the leading waterproofing organizations in the UAE.

We have a rare opportunity in our company so, if you are that qualified and well experienced individual fit for the position of Tool Technician / Motor Rewinding Mechanic, please come join us immediately.

Job Requirements:
• A high school education is required.
• A degree in Power Tool Repair from a vocational school is much preferred.
• Strong mechanical and technical aptitude.
• Problem-solving skills and close attention to detail also are necessary
• Active listening skills to understand customer problems
• Finger dexterity to make precise finger movements to assemble and manipulate small objects.

Job Duties among others:
• Disassemble defective equipment so that repairs can be made, using hand tools.
• Record repairs required, parts used, and labor time.
• Inspect and test equipment in order to locate damage or worn parts and diagnose malfunctions, or read work orders or schematic drawings to determine required repairs.
• Repair and rebuild defective mechanical parts in electric motors, generators, and related equipment, using hand tools and power tools.
• Lubricate moving parts.
• Measure velocity, horsepower, revolutions per minute (rpm), amperage, circuitry, and voltage of units or parts to diagnose problems, using ammeters, voltmeters, wattmeters, and other testing devices.
• Scrape and clean units or parts, using cleaning solvents and equipment such as buffing wheels.
• Solder, wrap, and coat wires to ensure proper insulation.
• Read service guides to find information needed to perform repairs.
• Adjust working parts, such as fan belts, contacts, and springs, using hand tools and gauges.
• Inspect electrical connections, wiring, relays, charging resistance boxes, and storage batteries, following wiring diagrams.
• Weld, braze, or solder electrical connections.
• Reassemble repaired electric motors to specified requirements and ratings, using hand tools and electrical meters.
• Rewire electrical systems, and repair or replace electrical accessories.
• Assemble electrical parts such as alternators, generators, starting devices, and switches, following schematic drawings and using hand, machine, and power tools.
• Lift units or parts such as motors or generators, using cranes or chain hoists, or signal crane operators to lift heavy parts or subassemblies.
• Remove and replace defective parts such as coil leads, carbon brushes, and wires, using soldering equipment.
• Maintain stocks of parts.
• Sharpen tools such as saws, picks, shovels, screwdrivers, and scoops, either manually or by using bench grinders and emery wheels.
• Clean cells, cell assemblies, glassware, leads, electrical connections, and battery poles, using scrapers, steam, water, emery cloths, power grinders, or acid.

Deadline Date: 12/01/2014

How to Apply:
Kindly forward your resume to:
Contact: 052-6463547