Friday, 20 December 2013

Foreman Job Vacancy in Dubai

Job Title:    Foreman
Job Location:    Dubai
Company/Employer: EBTEC Technical Contracting Company LLC
Job Type:    Employee, Full Time
Salary:        AED 5,000-7,500 p.m
About Us
With headquarter in Sharjah - UAE, EBTEC Technical Contracting Company LLC, provides superior solutions and services to the customers in the construction chemicals, one of the fastest growing segments of today's construction filed, which include concrete injection, concrete repair, industrial flooring, protective coatings and other related works.

Job Requirements:
• Atleast a high school diploma to do the job.
• Experience in application works in construction chemicals - such as apoxy flooring, concrete repairs, waterproofing, etc
•  Excellent leadership, management, planning and motivation skills.
•  Should be very good at analyzing things and so should have good analysis and observation skills.
•  Ability to communicate with workers and managing them with efficiency
•  Should have excellent troubleshooting abilities in the tough situations.
•  Need to be very hard working and has the ability to work under high stress situations.
•  Should necessarily have a tremendous presence of mind in case of accidents.

Job Duties:
• The prime responsibility is to ensure that workers are carrying on work as per schedule.
• He has the responsibility to check on the work schedule with construction supervisor.
• Is responsible for allocating the duties to the workers according to their capabilities.
• Has to be very sure about the safety precautions that they are properly implemented during construction.
• It will be the responsibility to deal with any sort of problems with workers.
• A foreman is actually responsible for hiring and firing workers.
• Ensure the quality of work in addition to ensuring schedule.
• Has the responsibility to provide the training to the training to new workers in different construction works and safety measures.
• Motivate the workers to do the work with higher efficiency and ensuring that the work is completed on time properly.

Deadline Date: 02/01/2014

How to Apply:
Please send your CV to: