Thursday, 12 December 2013

Engineering Job in Dubai; Senior Pavement Engineers

Job Title: Senior Pavement Engineers
Job Location: Dubai
Company/Employer: Fugro
Ref No.: 2274
About Us
Fugro Middle East was established in the United Arab Emirates in 1975, initially, as a geotechnical and foundation engineering organisation.
Today, Fugro Middle East provides a complete range of geotechnical, environmental, surveying and mapping services throughout the Gulf area, India and Pakistan. Recently the Foundation Engineering company became part of the Fugro Middle East group.

The Fugro Middle East main office is located in Dubai (UAE). Project offices are established in Abu Dhabi (UAE), Muscat (Oman), Doha (Qatar), with agents in Kuwait and Yemen.

Job Requirements:
•  Regional experience an advantage
•  Tertiary level Civil Engineering Degree from an approved institution;
•  Experience/Knowledge required
•  Unique Knowledge and Technical Capabilities:
•  Working knowledge of pavement design and maintenance including knowledge of pavement design techniques, tools and principles;
•  Experience in the characterisation of pavement materials and the ability to relate this to the pavement design process;
•  Experience in the operation of a pavement management software systems;
•  Experience with pavement deterioration modelling and the ability to develop robust pavement deterioration models using condition data;
•  Ability to carry out complex mathematical and engineering analyses;
•  Understand documented quality procedures;
•  Project management experience;
•  Strong business writing skills;
•  Ability to provide quality tender submissions in timely manner;

Skills / Attributes:
•  Strong communication skills - verbal and written;
•  Superior computer skills with extensive experience working with Microsoft Access;
•  Knowledge of GIS software packages;
•  Good organizational skills;
•  Good interpersonal skills; must be a team player;
•  Ability to motivate self and others

•  Minimum of 5-years of experience working as a professional pavement engineer;
•  Chartered Engineer and/or able to be recognised by professional associations;

Job Duties:
The Senior Pavement Engineer is required to perform professional engineering work involving considerable independence in approach, demanding a high degree of originality, ingenuity and judgement, and knowledge of more than one field of, or expertise in a particular field of professional pavement engineering.

The Senior Engineer:
•  Manages and carries out pavement inspections and surveys; plans pavement testing requirements, manages subcontractors and carries out analysis and interpretation of deflectometer, visual, laser, skid, coring and GPR data; undertakes the design and management of pavements and develops the most economic solutions including specifying pavement materials, and liaises with the client.
•  Initiates or participates in short-range or long-range planning and makes independent decisions on engineering policies and procedures within an overall program;
•  Gives technical advice to management and operating departments;
•  May take detailed technical responsibility for product development and provision of specialised engineering systems, facilities and functions;
•  Coordinates work programs;
•  Directs or advises on use of equipment and material.
•  Engineering Consulting – 65%
•  Prepare technical reports ranging from pavement design, investigations, road asset management plans, network modelling and budgetary forecasting;
•  Prepare technical papers for submission to industry conferences;
•  Undertake client training sessions and attend industry steering committees as required.
•  Project Leadership and Client Liaison – 35%
•  Supervise and mentor supervising and project engineers to ensure the smooth running of projects to ensure compliance with contract specifications regarding data quality and technical standards;
•  Report to client on project progress and discuss technical aspects of projects with the client;
•  Develop and foster client relationships and expand product offering to client where identified.

The Senior Engineer makes responsible decisions not usually subject to technical review, decides courses of action necessary to expedite the successful accomplishment of assigned projects, and may make recommendations involving large sums or long-range objectives.
Duties are assigned only in terms of broad objectives and are reviewed for policy, soundness of approach, accomplishment and general effectiveness.
The senior engineer supervises a group or groups including professional engineers and other staff, or exercises authority and technical control over a group of professional staff, in both instances engaged in complex engineering applications.
The company is entitled to request that the professional engineer perform such other duties as are within the skill, competence or training of the engineer and are reasonably requested in order to meet the requirements of the company.

what we offer

Expatriate package; commensurate with experience

Deadline: 25-12-2013

How to Apply:
Forward CV to:
Contact: +97143474060