Friday, 20 December 2013

Engineering Job in Dubai; Electrical Engineer

Job Title:    Electrical Engineer
Job Location:    Dubai
Company/Employer: Jebel Ali Building Contracting Group
About Us
We are continually involved with construction administration and site observation on projects. Our work includes a wide variety of construction projects, including electrical, and mechanical projects.  As a full-service engineering firm, it is our practice to follow our projects through to construction completion, providing the staff necessary to perform office and field functions.

Job Requirements:
• Atleast 10 (ten) years of UAE experience in the same or related field.
• Electrical Degree Attested and Equalized with Ministry of Higher Education
• Electronics Troubleshooting skills,
• Electronic Testing Design skills,
• Quality Focus,
• Information analysis skills,
• Reporting Research Results,
• Emphasis in Excellence and Innovation

Job Duties:
• Researches, develops, designs, and also tests electrical components, equipment, and also systems, applying principles techniques of electrical engineering
• Designs electrical equipment, facilities, components, products plus systems for commercial, industrial plus domestic purposes [Design Engineer, Facilities profess. plus kin. Master Title; Design Engineer, Products profess. kin. Master Title]
• Designs & directs engineering personnel in fabrication of test control apparatus as well as equipment and additionally determines methods, procedures and additionally conditions for testing products [Test Engineer profess. kin. Master Title]
• Develops applications of controls, instruments, and also systems for new commercial, domestic, and also industrial uses
• Directs activities to make sure that manufacturing, construction, installation, and also operational testing conform to functional specifications customer requirements
• May direct as well as coordinate operation, maintenance, and also repair of equipment systems in field installations
• May specialize in specific area of discipline, like electrical energy generation, transmission, and also distribution systems; products, like appliances, generators, transformers, control devices, and also relays; or area of work, like manufacturing, applications, or installation
• May use computer-assisted engineering as well as design software equipment to perform engineering tasks.

Deadline Date: 02/01/2014

How to Apply:
Please send your CV to: