Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Tyre Technician Job at Arabia Holdings Limited in Dubai

Job Title:    Tyre Technician
Job Location:    Dubai
Company/Employer: Arabia Holdings Limited

About Us
Arabia Holdings is a Group Established in United Arab Emirates which encompasses Diverse business activities including but not limited to Taxi Transportation, Limousine service, Logistics, Automobile Garages, Auto Trade, Auto spare parts Trade, Minerals Trade, General Trade, Foods & Beverages, Health Care and IT Solutions etc.

Job Requirements:
• candidate should have a Degree / Diploma in Mechanical / Automobile Engineering / a related discipline,
• A minimum of 3 years GCC experience in any leading car dealership in a similar position.
• Avalid UAE Driving Licence.
• Enjoy practical and manual activities
• No allergic reactions to petrol, grease, oil or other chemicals
• Interested in motor vehicles
• Good mechanical skills.

Job Duties:
• Perform all necessary tire repairs, dismounts, and mounts of all tires at store location & field service calls.
• Check in, code and tag all tire inventory.
• Help monitor the tire inventory.
• Maintain and secure the tire warehouse, as well as keep it neat and clean.
• Maintain all tire department equipment to keep in safe working order and report all problems and breakage to supervisor or management.
• Be responsible for starting and turning in all work-orders and tickets to supervisor or manager.
• Help will be provided as deemed necessary by management and when it is available.
• If no tire work is available, you would be expected to help with other job duties such as equipment set-up, mechanic helper or any other related department duties.
• Report all accidents immediately to your supervisor or management.

Deadline Date: 10/12/2013

How to Apply:
Please send your resumes along with salary expectation to:
Email:    career@arabiaholdings.ae