Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Medical Jobs in Dubai; Medical Sonographer

Job Title:        Medical Sonographer
Job Location:        Dubai
Company/Employer:    Habib Medical Group

Dr. Sulaiman Al-Habib Medical Group (HMG) is one of the largest providers of comprehensive healthcare services in the MENA; as it is currently operating 14 Medical Facilities across Saudi Arabia, UAE and Bahrain, including 7 Hospitals and 6 Medical Centers and developing one of the largest private medical cities in Saudi Arabia.

• Graduate of a formal Diagnostic Medical Sonography Program or Cardiovascular Technology Program that is recognisable.
• Bachelor of Science degree in Diagnostic Medical Sonography is desirable.

Required Licenses/Certifications
• Active certification by American Registry for Diagnostic Medical Sonography (ARDMS) in the specialty(ies) as appropriate.
• Current compliance with Continuing Medical Education (CME) requirements for specialty(ies) as appropriate.

Demonstration of Skills and Abilities
• Ability to effectively operate sonographic equipment.
• Ability to evaluate sonograms in order to acquire appropriate diagnostic information.
• Ability to integrate diagnostic sonograms, laboratory results, patient history and medical records, and adapt sonographic examination as necessary.
• Ability to use independent judgment to acquire the optimum diagnostic sonographic information in each examination performed.
• Ability to evaluate, synthesize, and communicate diagnostic information to the attending physician.
• Ability to communicate effectively with the patient and the health care team, recognizing the special nature of sonographic examinations and patient's needs.
• Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with the public and health care team.

Physical Requirements:
The applicant must be physically capable of carrying out all assigned duties:
• Emotional and physical health sufficient to meet the demands of the position.
• Strength sufficient to: lift some patients, move heavy equipment on wheels (up to approximately 500 lbs), and to move patients in wheelchairs and stretchers.
• Ability to maintain prolonged arm positions necessary for scanning.

Duties & Responsibilities:
• Performs clinical assessment and diagnostic sonography examinations.
• Uses cognitive sonographic skills to identify, record, and adapt procedures as appropriate to anatomical, pathological, diagnostic information and images.
• Uses independent judgment during the sonographic exam to accurately differentiate between normal and pathologic findings.
• Analyses sonograms, synthesizes sonographic information and medical history, and communicates findings to the appropriate physician.
• Coordinates work schedule with Departmental Director and/or scheduling desk to assure workload coverage.
• Assumes responsibility for the safety, mental and physical comfort of patients while they are in the sonographer's care.
• Assists with the daily operations of the sonographic laboratory.
• Maintains a daily log of patients seen / completes exam billing forms.
• Maintains ultrasound equipment and work area, and maintains adequate supplies.
• Participates in the maintenance of laboratory accreditation.
• Establishes and maintains ethical working relationships and good rapport with all interrelating hospitals, referral or commercial agencies.

Performs other work-related duties as assigned.

Deadline Date: 31/12/2013

How to Apply:
Send your CV to:
Email: hr@drsulaimanalhabib.com