Thursday, 14 November 2013

Launch Auto Service Job Vacancy in Dubai; Auto Painter

Job Title:    Auto Painter
Job Location:    Dubai
Company/Employer: Launch Auto Service Center

About Us
Launch Auto Service Center is a servicing and repair centre specializing in Jaguars, Range Rover, BMW & Mercedes Benz but we repair or service all makes and models of cars. So we assure we can help you with all your garage service needs.

Job Minimum Requirements:
• 2-4 years experience with HVLP spraying.
• Ability to work independently needed.
• High end auto body or industrial experience required;
• Good attitude and work ethic a must.
• We need someone who can operate a spray gun, either gravity feed or pressure pot.

• Remove rust and other debris from surfaces to be painted,
• Fill cavities and dents in vehicles to create an even surface,
• Mask or tape off details and components to avoid contamination, and
• Select the proper colors and substances for the project.
• Determining the necessary application of paint for a thorough coat
• Checking for runs or sags in the paint to ensure a quality product.

Deadline Date: 28/11/2013

How to Apply:
Send your CV to: