Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Insurance Job in Dubai; Medical Insurance Underwriter

Job Title:        Medical Insurance Underwriter
Job Location:        Dubai
Company/Location:    New Shield Insurance Brokers L.L.C
salary:            Negotiable + benefits

New Shield Insurance Brokers L.L.C, a multi line insurance consultancy & service provider Co with its office located at Platinum Business Centre in Dubai, UAE. It is a limited Liability co, owned privately and managed by a dynamic team of Insurance Professionals.

Job Requirements:
• Must have the experience on the mentioned position *

• Claims Adjustment,
• Financial Software,
• Documentation Skills,
• Data Entry Skills,
• Information analysis,
• Problem Solving,
• Verbal Communication,
• KKnowledge of Health Regulations,
• General Math Skills,
• Statistical Analysis

Job Duties:
• Authorize reinsurance of policy when risk is high.
• Decline excessive risks.
• Decrease value of policy when risk is substandard and specify applicable endorsements or apply rating to ensure safe profitable distribution of risks, using reference materials.
• Evaluate possibility of losses due to catastrophe or excessive insurance.
• Examine documents to determine degree of risk from such factors as applicant financial standing and value and condition of property.
• Review company records to determine amount of insurance in force on single risk or group of closely related risks.
• Write to field representatives, medical personnel, and others to obtain further information, quote rates, or explain company underwriting policies.

Deadline Date: 27/11/2013

How to Apply:
Send your CV to: