Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Management job in Dubai; Assistant Facilities Manager

Job Title:     Assistant Facilities Manager
Job Location:    Dubai
Company/Employer: Dubai Gem Private School

About Us
Dubai Gem follows the British Curriculum leading to 'O', 'AS', and 'A' levels. It is affiliated to the Cambridge University of London and is recognized by the Ministry of Education, Dubai.
The school aims at developing an international tone and providing an educational environment that promotes responsibility and choice. Emphasis is placed on the active participation of the students.

Job Requirements:
•  One must have excellent people skills.
•  Should have high coordination skills and be a team player.
•  Need to behave professionally and fairly at all times,
•  Ability to express yourself well, both when speaking and in writing.
•  The ability to work within a team.
•  A valid UAE driving license is a must.

Job Duties:
•  Project management and supervising and coordinating work of contractors;
•  Investigating availability and suitability of options for new premises;
•  Calculating and comparing costs for required goods or services to achieve maximum value for money;
•  Planning for future development in line with strategic business objectives;
•  Managing and leading change to ensure minimum disruption to core activities;
•  Liaising with tenants of commercial properties;
•  Directing and planning essential central services such as reception, security, maintenance, mail, archiving, cleaning, catering, waste disposal and recycling;
•  Ensuring the building meets health and safety requirements;
•  Planning best allocation and utilisation of space and resources for new buildings, or re-organising current premises;
•  Checking that agreed work by staff or contractors has been completed satisfactorily and following up on any deficiencies;
•  Coordinating and leading one or more teams to cover various areas of responsibility;
•  Using performance management techniques to monitor and demonstrate achievement of agreed service levels and to lead on improvement;

Deadline Date: 03/11/2013

How to Apply:
Please send your CV to:
Email:    careers@zahrawimedical.com